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When Aidan finds himself far from his native Mississippi, he inexplicably meets the Apostle John on the isle of Patmos. Beaten down by the modern world and desperate for answers his years of study have failed to satisfy, Aidan is confronted with astounding insight from the beloved disciple of Jesus. The two begin an extraordinary dialogue of truth and lies, revelation and deception, sorrow and joy.

Through dreams and mind-bending discussions, the wise apostle exposes the lie of all lies about Jesus, leaving Aidan shaken to the core...but liberated. Transformed, Aidan is eager to learn more.

But when John has a vision of the next awakening in Western history, Aidan knows he must return and preach the truth of all truths—before it's too late.


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C. Baxter Kruger is Director of Perichoresis Ministries, an international ministry proclaiming the gospel of the Triune God. A life-long student of psychology, he has a degree in political science and a doctor of philosophy from Kings College, Aberdeen, Scotland. He teaches around the world and is the author of nine books, including the international best-seller, The Shack Revisted.


“A breathtaking story, Patmos draws you intimately into the heart and mind of John, the beloved disciple of Jesus. You will fall in love with this aged, yet animated Apostle and you will find yourself identifying deeply with his younger, broken protégé, Aidan, as he journeys into healing. You will laugh and cry and never be the same after reading this mind-blowing tale! Patmos is a timeless Gift for the Ages and oh, so greatly needed by all of us. Thank You, dear Holy Spirit! Thank you Baxter for this extraordinary adventure.”
Nan Clemmons, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, North Carolina

“Patmos blew my mind. Twice! It’s so good I had to read it again! Baxter has done something no one else has managed. He has crafted a novel, a ‘can’t-put-me-down’ story that wonderfully uncovers the heart of John’s gospel and the Revelation. This powerful book puts you right there in that cave on isle of Patmos listening to the apostle John. You’ll hear the Spirit speak loud and clear. Patmos took me a thousand miles in my journey to recognize God’s voice.
Mark Holloway, author of The Freedom Diaries—God speaks Back, New Zealand

“Fiction is often truer than fact; a wonder-filled tale can deliver richer theology than seminary texts. In Patmos, Baxter Kruger invokes / evokes the tradition and spirit of George MacDonald and C. S. Lewis, leading us by the heart to encounter afresh the mystery and imagination of St John of Patmos. A feast!”
Brad Jersak, author of A More Christlike God

“Given how the Triune God of grace has worked in the life of Baxter Kruger, and given the amazing ability to communicate God has built into this world-class theologian, I eagerly grab and read anything my brother writes. But, oh, I was not ready for what happened to me when I read Patmos! I felt as if I, along with Baxter, had been taken back to the island and met the apostle John as I never thought I could. Patmos is an imaginative explosion of the depth of the gospel. I could not stop reading, alternating between my brain being fired to think more clearly and my heart bursting with tears of joy. And, as Baxter hoped I would, I met Jesus in a whole new way!”
Darrell W. Johnson, D.D., preacher, professor, author, Discipleship on the Edge and Experiencing the Trinity

“In this brilliant work by gifted theologian and storyteller, Baxter Kruger we come face to face with the heart of the apostle John—Jesus in person, in his Father, in the Holy Spirit, in us. Through the extraordinary conversation between Aidan and the apostle John we are ushered into the reality of our own invisible inner world where time stands still, and we discover that eternity indeed dwells within us, so that we may now know even as we have always been known! ‘And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.’ You will also love the delightful crackers in-between!”
Francois du Toit, author of The Mirror Bible, South Africa

“After a lifetime of studying the man, Kruger takes us to meet John on the Isle of Patmos in the 1st Century. The first few chapters as a story gently eases you into the ring and by the time you realize that you are sparring with a heavyweight, it's too late, and you're hooked. Baxter sets you up with light jabs of Mississippi humor followed quickly by the devastating blows of a seasoned veteran. With the clarity of a scholar and the compassion of a Southern Gentleman, Baxter succeeds in opening eyes and hearts as he methodically dismantles the lies that have dominated much of modern theology. It hurts, but it is a good hurt and you will be freer for accepting the invitation to put on the gloves. Patmos is a gate-way drug to deep and engaging theology and transformation!”
Wm. Paul Young, author of The Shack and Eve

“Thank you, Baxter, for recovering what has been so sadly, tragically lost to so many Christians. Trinity, and all that it implies, must be rediscovered as central to the reform of Christianity.”
Richard Rohr, bestselling author of Everything Belongs.

“Baxter Kruger resides in that rarified space among truly gifted writers. He has an uncanny ability to convey deep, fresh theological insights and make them accessible. His words come alive and speak to a profound longing hidden in our souls. One of the foremost thought leaders in Trinitarian Theology, Kruger's books are relevant, refreshing and transformational. Patmos is no exception. This story is riveting and entertaining. I laughed, cried and fell to my knees in worship. Most important, my eyes have been opened and my heart awakened to the Union I was made for. If you want to be free and live loved, you must find out who and Whose you are. Patmos has the answer.”
Kevin Freiberg Ph.D, Co-author of the International Best-sellerNUTS! Southwest Arlines' Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success

“If the Apostle John had a biographer, it would have been Dr. C. Baxter Kruger. Baxter writes so eloquently that you feel like you’re watching a master symphony conductor as he brings the music of words to life. I felt like I was sitting in John's cave on Patmos, privileged to have been a spectator. Patmos is a must read!”
Paul J. Lavelle, CMSgt, USAF (Ret), founder of Operation Restored Warrior

“Patmos is a book packed with creativity, inspiration, and revelation. May the Holy Spirit guide you through this book to the freedom you have been called to have. May you see through the very eyes of Christ the world and who the Father is and who we are.”
Denis Miranda, Senior Pastor CCE, Managua, Nicaragua

“In Patmos Baxter Kruger has created a transcendent and deeply personal plunge into the divine dialogue of the Gospel. You will be awakened to the reality of a very experiential Holy Spirit; immersed in the love of the Father; and grounded in the mystical wonder of our union with Christ. Furthermore, the tangible truth of our communion with the saints—which stands outside time and space—leaps off every page, warmly reminding us that we are not alone. Throughout the book I often thought back to the ancient Celtic saints who spoke of thin places—areas or moments in time that stood as intersections between heaven and earth. Jesus is that intersection. The entire cosmos is forevermore a thin place in Him. In Patmos, the resounding theme of union fuels this deep, inward notion that anything is possible—He is here, right here, closer than the air we breathe. Woven within the living, poetic theology that marks his work—together with a strong grasp of church history—Baxter brings the reader face to face with a rich lineage of incarnational thought from the apostles to our present day, unmasking the dualistic Western ideas of separation from God that have attempted to infiltrate our hearts and minds along the way. Baxter has painted a dynamic portrait of the Gospel that will wake you up to the "present-ness" of His presence. Beyond a writer and theologian whose work I respect, I am honored to call Baxter a friend.”
John Crowder, Sons of Thunder Ministries & Publications

“Patmos is a captivating novel that is as entertaining as it is revolutionary. Baxter shares a message that has been lost for centuries in the Western church, as seen through the eyes of a 20th century Theologian in his encounter with the Apostle John. Story telling opens our hearts to seeing things in a new light and brings our minds places that they otherwise refuse to go. I consider Baxter Kruger a very important theologian of our time and his gifted story telling brings the gospel of John to life in the pages of Patmos.”
Dr. Patrick Emery MD, Wahpeton ND

“Baxter Kruger’s writings as a theologian have transformed countless lives, including mine. An intellectual giant with a gift for simplicity in communicating is a rare and potent combination. Both qualities stand in the forefront in this book. With the riveting plot of a master storyteller, coupled with the deep but accessible truths from a renowned theologian, Kruger carries the reader deeper and deeper into a clear understanding of our Papa’s love. You won’t be able to put Patmos down once you start reading. Your imagination will be stirred, and your mind will be stimulated as you listen in on the conversation between the disciple John and the time-traveler, Aidan. Their discussion spans the centuries and brings the reader face to face with the Eternally Present One whose love knows no bounds and whose intention to see to it that we participate in that love knows no limits. Patmos isn’t just a great story. Although it is that; it is more. This is a book that is likely to change the way you think about your Father and your faith. I predict you won’t only read it, but you will gift it to others. Turn the page and join Aidan on the other side of the portal. I promise you that you are in for ‘a large time.’”
Steve McVey, author of Grace Walk and Beyond An Angry God

“In this riveting vision story the author allows us in to his inner struggles with searing honesty—but then ‘the belly of the beast is where Jesus meets us all’. Far more significant, he lets us into his conversations with John, the apostle of love, on the Isle of Patmos. In previous writings Baxter Kruger highlighted the let-down caused by churches who detach Jesus from the Trinity and reduce God to something less than pure Gift. In this story he draws out from John the implications of his biblical teachings until we see that the very womb of the cosmos is the eternal relationship between Father and Son within God. So much evangelism in the West suggests that Jesus is external to us until we invite him into our hearts. This has spawned myriads of fragmented churches which, in this story, become a myriad of dead flies. John on Patmos invites us to embrace the Jesus who is already within us, and the union which already exists. My own Community of Aidan and Hilda and the wider Celtic tradition have sustained an affinity with the apostle John. If ‘the Patmos vision’ catches on more widely, thousands of visualisation groups might engage in their own dialogues with John and many in the Muslim world might fall in love with Christ.”
Ray Simpson, author and founding guardian of the international Community of Aidan and Hilda, Holy Island of Lindisfarne, UK

“I opened Patmos with the expectation of being mentally and spiritually stimulated and enlarged, as always with Baxter Kruger’s books. The surprise was to enter a skillfully written and paced mystery that uniquely blends tension with the tenderness of God, humor with history, and delightfully and forever fleshes out John the Apostle. Like morning dew on the pages, droplets from Baxter's enormous reservoir of theological knowledge sparkle through the plot, sheening the adventure in life-enriching truth and beauty.
Sherrilou McGregor, author of Beings and Doings and Last Boat to Capri, France

"Some teachers, like lazy tour guides, hand out flashy brochures to places they’ve never visited themselves—but not Baxter Kruger. He has lived, breathed and explored the heights and depths of the Trinitarian gospel first-hand for more than 35 years, and takes us on a breathtaking journey in Patmos to discover the life-changing implications of our inclusion in Jesus’ relationship with His Father in the Holy Spirit. Along the way, Baxter unearths treasures buried beneath centuries of church history and deconstructs theological traditions that have blocked our view of how God fully reveals himself to us in the face of Jesus. Patmos takes the reader on an eye-opening odyssey of personal discovery and inner healing to reclaim our full inheritance as God’s beloved sons and daughters. And like a well-aged, single malt scotch, once you have tasted the glorious vision distilled through this finely crafted narrative, you will long to savor its intricacies again and again and reflect on its meaning for years to come."
Michael Lafleur, Director of THE INFUSION NETWORK, Oakville, Canada

“Patmos is a delightful novel that brings a much-needed perspective on the gospel. Using a whimsical and narrative format, Kruger takes on weighty subject matter, making deep theological issues accessible to the reader. He demystifies the book of Revelation while weaving in church history, scripture, and important insights about the nature of God. Kruger’s presentation of the Apostle John will cause the reader to fall in love with the disciple whom Jesus loved.”
Catherine Skurja, Author of Paradox Lost

“Scholar though he is, Baxter has the unique gift of taking profound truth and making it accessible to people like you and me. [This is the most comprehensible commentary on the ‘Book of Revelation’ I have read and a beautiful ‘inside story’ on the Gospel of John]. Master story teller that he is, with a seemingly inexhaustible enthusiasm to make the ‘Good News’ known, in Patmos Baxter uses a work of ‘fiction’ as a means of enabling the reader to participate in his lifetime of ‘theological’ discovery set in a three day ‘encounter’ between Aidan/Baxter and the Apostle John on Patmos. I was in the cave with Aidan and John, I heard the ocean waves, I felt the sand under my feet, I was in awe as I stood with Aidan in the Room of Revelation, I ran in fear with John and Aidan away from the Roman soldiers—but above all I was taken into the developing conversation between Aidan and John (peppered with ‘Southern’ humor) through which my eyes were opened afresh to the beauty of my union with the Lord Jesus and my inclusion in His relationship with His Father. All the big themes are here, Trinity, Adoption, Incarnation, Atonement, Union—but with fresh light cast upon them leaving us open mouthed in awe and wonder at the staggering beauty of the really Good News. As John says to Aidan, ‘The gospel is not the news that we can receive Jesus into our lives. The gospel is the news that Jesus has received us into his—union, my son.’ This is the ‘Good News’, which I now gladly share. This book deserves time spending in it. It demands reflection and meditation in order that the truth which it highlights (the fruit of one man’s costly pursuit of Truth) might become our own experienced truth. Thank you Baxter for ‘standing firm in the truth’; thank you for ‘preaching the Word, the truth of all truths, for persevering the tribulation of enlightenment.’ Thank you too for being to me what John is to Aidan.
St John of the Motherland’ aka The Revd. John H. Walker, Associate Minister, St George’s Church, Leeds, U.K.


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